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personal training coach

Personal Training

Initial Consult

Our personal trainers will conduct initial consultations and assessments to understand your fitness goals, health status, exercise history, and preferences.

Ongoing support

Our personal trainers provide you with ongoing support in the way of:

  • Continued measurements (both subjective and objective).

  • Motivation and reassurance.

  • Client centered approach to tackle your individual struggles.

Tailored Programming

We will then use your history to create a tailored programming approach to meet your fitness level, availability and preferences. 

Functional Training 

Whether you are someone who has never exercised before, are experienced, or even an athlete, our personal trainer has you covered. We work with a large variety of people providing them with specific exercises to create a training regime that translates into your everyday life.

Hands on instruction

As our personal trainer works with you, we will provide you with hands on instruction to improve your technique, enhance your safety and ensure you are moving at your best.


Our personal trainers are not just limited to exercise, we also offer lifestyle interventions. This will provide you with the support and strategies to get the most out of your heal in areas of:

  • Exercise

  • Sleep 

  • Nutrition 

  • Stress management 


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