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Access to our app

Through our app 'Move Right EP' you will gain access to us virtually, 24/7! 
Our app allows the tracking of your custom workouts, meal plans, sleep, steps + more! 


The app allows us to track a host of metrics from body measurements, sleep, steps, to the intensity of your workouts. 

There is no guess work, just objective data to give you the results you require.


Our app is all encompassing in training. Whether you want to perform some mobility, work on your cardio or develop muscle mas, we can create custom programs with videos and instructions to take the guess work out of your training. 


The Move Right EP app has all you need within. Messaging - Check, Training - Check, Meal Plans - Check, Goal Setting - Check. 
If you are looking to elevate your training, our online service makes this seamless. 


Our online service utilises our Move Right EP app to give you high quality, varied meal plans! Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, we have you covered!


You can use our app 24/7. As long as you have internet, you will be able to utilise the app, as well as communicate with us through the messaging function if you have a question. 


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