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exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology

Health Assessment

Our exercise physiologist will get to know you. They will conduct an assessment to get an overview of your medical history, wants and need's including measurements of body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.

Real Results

Exercise physiologists can use an arsenal of tools to help you get the outcome you desire.

We can monitor and track progress through motion analysis systems, fitness aids such as watches / heart rate monitors to assess physiological responses to exercise and optimise your training outcomes.

Individualised Solutions

Our exercise physiologist can design personalized exercise programs tailored to individual needs, goals, and health conditions.

Multidisciplinary teams

Exercise physiologists are trained to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. 

This means collaborating with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians, physiotherapists, and nutritionists, to provide comprehensive care for clients.

Highly Trained

Our exercise physiologist is highly trained to work with a large demographic of populations. This includes:

  • DVA

  • NDIS

  • Work Cover 

  • General Population

  • Athletes

  • Elderly

  • + more! 


Exercise physiologists are experts in exercise. We can help you through educating you about the many benefits of regular physical activity and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.


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